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Trainings by Hans-Christian Seidel – CSEI-Consulting

Open Seminars

There are currently no open seminars planned in English. Please check out the German version.

Inhouse seminars

We can arrange our inhouse seminars that are especially adapted to your wishes.

Individual coaching

With 100% coachee – focused and centred counselling.

Trainings by Hans-Christian Seidel – CSEI-Consulting

I consider myself an entirely practically oriented consultant for the highly relevant field of negotiation and procurement training.

CSEI-Consulting is a very well-known expert for In-house and public trainings with a global focus. Many German, European and overseas companies from different industries and the retail sector have already benefitted from my various purchasing trainings.

My trainings are ideal for participants who wish to:

… attain world class level in their negotiation skills

… continuously optimize and professionalize the purchasing department

… obtain an individual final touch by single coaching

… strengthen their leadership knowledge as young executives

… improve their dispute resolution skills

… enhance their intercultural competences

… experience the topic “personality psychology” in a more profound depth

Hans-Christian Seidel from CSEI-Consulting

My most important objective is our active support in order to increase the individual skills of the participants. Therefore we put a strong focus on using our extensive experience and comprehensive competence in procurement matters, negotiation, leadership, conflict management and intercultural matters to offer

  •  practically proven
  •  immediately usable
  •  individually tailored

support and solutions for short-, medium- and long-term success. It is my aim to satisfy my customers and to enable them to continue their procurement and negotiation activities actively and with improved efficiency.

My expertise:

  • Over 25 years of experience as a trainer
  • Long-term hands-on experience in procurement
  • Extensive leadership experience
  • Long experience as a worldwide operating coach
  • Intercultural competence
  • Author activities for several journal
  • Experience in industrial and in retail business
  • Experienced in dealing with small, medium and large-sized enterprises
  • Knowledge about individual countries through numerous visits on-location
  • Negotiation expert
  • Trained in psychology and education
  • Multiple languages spoken

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Open Seminars

There are currently no open seminars planned in English. Please check out the German version


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