Paticipiant votes

From Sweden

„The competence of the instructor. Mix between theoretical and practical examples and role plays”

From Australia

“Real examples given to us when explaining things”

“Broad and practical coverage of negotiation from both sides of the fence.”

From Austria

“Gute tools für den Arbeitsalltag eines Einkäufers

From Switzerland

“Sehr spannender, praxisnaher und lehrreicher Kurs geführt von Herrn Seidel“

From China

”Vital role plays, clear presentation,Role playing impressed my very much”

From the USA

“Christian does an excellent job of combining discussions and roleplaying to achieve the required results. Our staff enjoyed the training sessions. We felt that the sessions were presented in a professional manner”

“Again an excellent seminar. I learned a lot which will help for my duties”

From France

“Les exemples pertinents et les jeux de roles”

From Spain

“I consider it good for my job and I like the real life situations. ”

From Brazil

“The real cases and the practical discussions

“A experencia e os excelentes exemplos”

From Italy

“Havard Modell and the role games”

From England

“I liked doing the interactive role plays to sea both sides of the discussion ”

“Psychology of sales people

From Germany

„Die Erfahrung des Seminarleiters“

„sehr gute Veranstaltung“

Sichtbar gestiegenes Selbstbewußtsein und Selbsterkenntnis der Fremdwahrnehmung durch Videoanalyse, führen zu souverainerem Verhandlungsstil. Die Teilnehmer wachsen deutlich über sich hinaus und machen die Erfahrung kritische Verhandlungsphasen gelassen überstehen zu können.“

„Praxis, Praxis, Praxis“